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The Maddie Leventhal Mikveh Centre



Welcome to The Maddie Leventhal Mikveh Centre 


Since the Maddie Leventhal Mikveh Centre opened its doors, thousands of women have come to immerse themselves and be purified in its waters, each month renewing and granting blessings to their marriages. The mikveh welcomes all Jewish women, regardless of their level of observance, and makes every effort to ensure that everyone will feel comfortable.

Our wonderful mikveh ladies are trained to attend to our clients’ needs and ensure that your privacy is respected to enhance your experience.

Our Brides are given priority and privileges to accommodate their specific schedules and give them the time, privacy, and opportunity to maximize this experience in the most positive and spiritually fulfilling way.

We are very excited to announce that we now accept Visa & MasterCard as forms of payment at the mikveh. Payment can be made at the mikveh or in advance by filling out the following form: Mikveh Payment Form . As well, you can continue to pay in advance via our shul website by clicking here and selecting Mikveh Fee as your “Type” under payment details. (Please note a tax receipt will NOT be issued for the mikveh payment fee.)

Who runs the Mikveh?
The Maddie Leventhal Centre is run by a committee of women who oversee the mikveh’s day to day operations and maintenance. We create educational programs and fundraising events to the benefit of the mikveh. The mikveh is under the halachic auspices of Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, Mara D’Asrah of The Beth Avraham Yosef of Toronto Congregation (BAYT) and Rabbi Mordechai Scheiner, Rosh Kollel, Kollel Ohr Yosef: The Thornhill Community Kollel (located in the BAYT). The Mikveh follows the guidelines set by the Va’ad of Toronto.

Lisa Berman & Sonya Kaplan
Co-Chairs, The Maddie Leventhal Mikveh Centre