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The Maddie Leventhal Mikveh Centre

Meet Our Mikveh Attendants



Hi, my name is Deena. When my young children are asked what I do at “work”, they respond that I say amen to the tefillos of women. I am so fortunate to have the zechus of helping the amazing women of this community observe the mitzvah of taharas hamishpacha in such a well run and aesthetically pleasing mikvah.  It is an honour to answer amen and facilitate a women’s halachik immersion in whatever way I can help.


My name is Mercedes Elmaleh,  and I am one of the Mikveh attendants at the Maddie Leventhal  Mikveh Centre. I became a Mikveh attendant after a bad experience at the Mikveh that left me with an injury. I did not want others to ever have to go through what I did, since I always believed that the Mikveh should be something special and cherished. I devoted myself to making the Mikveh night special for all the women that I toivel, to make them understand that the Mikveh should be their main priority of the night and how special this night is. Over the years, I began toivelling Kallahs and teaching about the beauty of the Mikveh and the importance of the mitzvah of  Mikveh. I get much nachas from each Kallah that comes in and even more nachas when they return to do the Mitzvah.


Hi, my name is Simy Bitton (nee Elmaleh) and I am one of the ladies that have the pleasure to work at the Maddie Leventhal Mikveh Centre. My mother has been a Mikveh attendant for years and no matter how difficult it was to stop what she was doing or how cold it was on a Friday night, my mother always went to work with a smile. She taught me that the harder it was to come in to toivel someone the bigger the mitzvah it is. My mother was my inspiration to become a Mikveh attendant. I am truly blessed to be able to help hundreds of women keep taharas hamishpacha. I love coming to work and being able to help make people’s Mikveh night special and more kadosh.